• ASIC-to-FPGA Solutions
  • IP Core Development & Customization
  • Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGAs)
  • Advanced Data-path Architectures & Algorithms
  • Power-Performance-Area (PPA)
    Reduce Turnaround Time (TAT)
  • Product Customization


Quantum Innovations is a ESDM startup company dedicated to the development and marketing of low-power designs, libraries, methodologies, and tools for semiconductor customers. Our goal is to help these customers increase their power-performance-area (PPA) and reduce turnaround time (TAT) through innovative solutions. We specialize in advanced datapath architectures and algorithms, offering unique silicon intellectual properties that significantly improve silicon efficiency beyond state-of-the-art solutions, without verification overhead or impacting current design methodologies.

Unleashing Innovation in VLSI Design: Quantum’s Training Program and Unique Value Proposition

Hope electronics passionate students/candidates are ready for an exciting journey into the world of VLSI design. We are thrilled to introduce Quantum’s training program, tailored to empower individuals and companies in the realm of Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI).

At Quantum, we understand the challenges faced by the semiconductor industry, and our training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience necessary to thrive in this dynamic field. Our program covers a comprehensive range of topics, including Power, Performance, and Area (PPA) optimization, innovative design architectures, and cutting-edge tools like Architecture Selection Tool.

Hands-On Demonstrations: Benefit from hands-on demonstrations showcasing successful implementations across various technology nodes, fabs, EDA vendors, and technologies. Learn how Quantum’s solutions have made a tangible impact on real-world designs, from processors to wireless applications.

To further enhance power optimization

we have developed a custom library consisting of low-power standard cell elements. These custom library cells can be seamlessly integrated into existing designs, resulting in additional power optimization by eliminating inverters, considering context-specific requirements, minimizing interconnect congestion, and simplifying the overall design process. Our custom library enables significant PPA enhancement and comes with minimal verification overhead.

By partnering with Quantum

The customer should provide access to PDKs, design, libraries and constrains to demonstrate the custom library development, also for flow optimization based on new custom cells, replication to other nodes, and various commercial models, including consulting for evaluation and IP licensing on a per-design, per-node basis. We have successfully demonstrated our solutions across different nodes, fabs, EDA vendors, domains, and technologies, including bulk planar CMOS, FinFET, and FDSOI, in designs such as processors, networking devices, communication systems, DSPs, memories, and wireless applications.

We have compelling case studies

showcasing power optimization in various domains. For example, using Quantum's power optimization techniques on an Andes processor design in GF 14nm technology, we achieved notable improvements in cell count, cell area, critical timing path, leakage power, and dynamic power. These improvements demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach and the potential benefits it offers to our customers.

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