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Our beginner-level courses at Quantum Innovations, are designed to provide individuals with a strong foundation in core domain of VLSI design and Embedded Systems. Whether you have a technical background or are new to the field, our courses will equip you with the essential industry knowledge and skills to kick start your journey in VLSI design/Embedded.

We also offer Internships to interested students doing Engineering in Electronics and allied circuit branches on the core domains.

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The Fundamentals

Explore your first step into VLSI design/Embedded Systems, by having strong fundamentals allows you to launch to new heights. Our training methodology explores wide range essential knowledge that include in VLSI design domain such as digital and analog circuit design, semiconductor devices, and system-level integration. You will learn about basic logic gates, combinational and sequential circuits, and the principles of transistor-level circuit design. Similarly, while selecting embedded domain you will explore the 8/16/32 bit MCUs, create smart and connected devices, design and develop systems with a focus on efficiency, performance, and scalability and many more.

A comprehensive learning

Our basic level courses provide comprehensive learning by incorporating hands-on exercises and practical projects. You will have the opportunity to work with industry-standard equipments, design tools and software, allowing you to gain practical skills in designing and simulating digital/analog circuits or system development. Through these industry flow activities, you will reinforce your understanding of the core concepts and develop proficiency in using the necessary systems and tools. Add-on, our methodology of training creates an industry functioning model allowing you to gain skills required for industry practices.

By Beginner-Level Completion

You will have gained a solid foundation in VLSI design/Embedded and acquired the skills needed to tackle basic design/development tasks. In VLSI, you will be familiar with the design flow and have hands-on experience in designing, simulating, and verifying digital and analog circuits. In Embedded, you will be familiar with 8/16/32 bit MCUs, connected devices, design and develop systems with a focus on efficiency, performance, and scalability. This strong foundation will not only serve as a stepping stone for your future growth in the domain but also understand industry trends and practices.

Our Guidance

Our experienced trainers guide you throughout the learning process, providing step-by-step instructions and valuable industry insights. They are dedicated to answering your questions and addressing any challenges you may face, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the course. Our dedicated counselors will provide you a suiting road map and a career path to explore.

At Quantum Innovations

We believe that a strong foundation is crucial for building advanced skills in VLSI/Embedded design and development. Our beginner-level courses focus on providing a strong platform to focus on single domain and launch your career in the core domain. The necessary knowledge and hands-on experience will set you on the path in becoming a proficient designer or developer.

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